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About Elemental Pick: on living beautifully, celebrating the spirit of healing holistically and the birth of clean beauty products by Elemental Pick.
Elemental Pick is a truly natural independent skincare brand intended to bring you a safe, clean and sustainable skincare that works for all types of skin. We take a simple approach of switching to all-natural products to improve overall skin condition.

Blending the love of beauty products and healing is a gift!

The co-Founder, Psi at the age of 36, was diagnosed with an inflammatory disease due to dysfunctional immune reactivity. This was an eye opener which led her to make choices on how to better support her health in every possible way. Safe skincare was new and most people were tuned to get short term results by compromising health. 

We are advocating for a change.

This new-found awareness made her change all her daily routines ranging from skincare regime, food consumption and the usage of of household items. This lead to more research and learning new found facts! Shockingly, these daily routines were full of endocrine disruptors from the usage of laundry detergent to personal skincare products. Endocrine disruptors interrupt and inhibit hormonal functions which can cause more symptoms. Unfortunately, there were no stringent regulations or restrictions to protect our health and wellbeing by the authorities. This is a serious problem!

How we started?

Psi and her partners started to gather more understanding and collect information for alternatives and it was an ongoing battle as ‘clean’ products are underserved in the market. However, she was not convinced that a truly safe product was out there which delivered satisfactory results. Overtime, we started making our own skincare formulations using plant-based ingredients and produced small batches of products for personal use, family and friends which created a lot of interest for repeat usage. Many users saw significant results using these products. This confidence translated into a pilot project that was launched at the mid of Covid pandemic with the help of a qualified chemist and GMP manufacturer to tweak and perfection the formulation and this is the birth of Elemental Pick, making this new-found ‘mini project’ into a real brand advocating for Clean Beauty. 

Why the name Elemental Pick? 

Its all about being back to basics. The change has to come from within and we focus on the natural Elemental forces (AIR, EARTH, FIRE & WATER) which are the strongest. As a mindful start-up, health and wellbeing are No.1 priorities for us, and our long-term goal is to have a home-grown, health nourishing and environmentally conscious skincare line accessible to all. 

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